Powerful Calculated Fields

No matter the type of calculated fields form you need, Formidable Forms has the answer. Use values entered in your form to perform basic and advanced numeric calculations, separate value numeric calculations (where the value of a field is not seen by the user), and text calculations (combine text from multiple fields into one text field).

This robust capability for calculations especially comes in handy for eCommerce. If users need to make a payment based on a calculated total, Formidable can pass the total to Paypal forms or Stripe forms. If you need greater control and flexibility over pricing variables in WooCommerce, use a Formidable Form on your WooCommerce product page with the WooCommerce Add-On.

Calculations can be set to 'read only' (unable to be changed by user) or 'visible by Administrator only' (such as an age calculation based on a birthdate field). You can use the calculated fields in success messages, autoresponder emails, and Views.

Calculated fields are included in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

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Take your WordPress forms to the next level. Use field calculations to add up quantities and totals.
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