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Want to do math with a WordPress plugin? You can! Formidable Forms is the form builder that can handle simple arithmetic and advanced calculations too. Use our math shortcode to calculate totals and perform complex functions. With our WordPress math feature, a beautiful math environment on your site is now possible!

Your search for a WordPress math plugin ends here. Use the Formidable math shortcode to calculate the value of a math expression. Place the math expression inside our shortcode and the result of the calculation will be displayed.

Powerful arithmetic in WordPress has never been this simple. Take control of your data with powerful WordPress math formulas. If you can conceive it, Formidable's form-wide and site-wide math calculations can help you achieve it.

Form Math is included in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

The most powerful form math features

For example, a form math expression can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, mod, and division like this:

[frm-math] (1 + (3 * 3)) / 2 [/frm-math]

The above example is very simple. But don't be fooled. When it comes to WordPress math equations, there is nothing better than Formidable forms.

Here's an example of an advanced calculation that combines form statistics and math to calculate an average test score:

[frm-math] ([frm-stats id=100 101=[42] type=total] + [frm-stats id=150 151=[42] type=total] + [frm-stats id=160 165=[42] type=total])/3 [/frm-math]

Our forms can put calculation formulas to work without the need for an extra plugin. Compare this to the Gravity Math add-on. It requires three costly plugins to match what Formidable Forms does all by itself.

The Best WP Form. If you want to see the power of Formidable Forms, upgrade to the pro version. Then you will know that your imaginations are only your limitations.

How can math functions be used?

The Formidable Math shortcode can be used in a View, directly on a page, in an email, as a default value, or anywhere else that WordPress shortcodes are processed.

With Formidable, you can do basic math, mathematical equations, and more. Formidable makes performing calculations simple. You'll never need to scribble math equations on a chalkboard again!

Form math can be simple

The power of form math, stats & reports

The true power of WordPress math forms is unlocked when the power of stats and reports are harnessed. By default, Formidable collects a number of form statistics. These stats can be used as variables in math equations as well. The result: anything is possible.

Form statistics and field totals

In Formidable, you can use the form stats shortcode to display field totals and form statistics in a page, post, View, or anywhere else on your site.

Formidable can automatically count, calculate totals, perform counts, display the average, and more. That's a great feature by itself. But it becomes extremely powerful when combined with form math.

Not sure how advanced math & form stats can be used on your site? Here are some ideas:

Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention reports. With the ability to do mathematical calculations, your form statistics can be used to create insightful, calculation based reports.

Imagine a solution where all your eCommerce forms could output reports to a dashboard in real-time. See sales totals, number of transactions, average transaction value, and whatever else you can dream up.

And of course, your reports can also feature beautiful graphs and charts - yet another built-in Formidable feature.

Create a Graph and Chart Form Data

Form math and Form stats are part of the core Formidable Forms plugin. There's no need to use any third-party apps! Formidable Forms can handle all your math calculations with ease. Sign up today to get started with powerful form math!

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