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You've collected loads of data in your forms and created a beautiful table to display it. And then you realize that it would be far more valuable if it could be exported as well. After scouring other WordPress plugins, you come across one that works great for converting your table to a CSV. For a little while. Once you get more data, you realize that it needs pagination. Now you're stuck. Only one page can be exported at a time.

Sound familiar? Have you run out of options with exporting custom table Views from the front-end?

Good news! The problem is solved. With the Formidable Table View to CSV Converter, you can get the exact exported CSV format you need. The filters on your View also apply to the export, so you'll get the exact information you need. And only what you need.

Flexible Custom Table to CSV Converter

No more exporting and manually rearranging, renaming, combining, or removing columns. Now you can get your CSV exactly the way you want once and never think about it again.

Or maybe you need to allow users and visitors to export their data? No problem. When you create a table View for a user to see their own content, now they can export it too. You and your visitors can instantly convert HTML tables to a CSV file.

Want automated data exports? We've got you covered. With an automated export, you could have a daily CSV of all the form submissions for the day, week, or month. Create your View with filters, and the exported CSV will include exactly the data you need.

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The Table View to CSV Converter add-on is included with the Business level plan.

Table View to CSV Converter Plugin Features

  • Export a table View to a CSV from the front-end of your WordPress site.
  • Include all rows in the exported table, even across pagination.
  • Insert an export link wherever you would like. Even in an email.
  • Schedule automatic CSV exports as frequently as once a day.

The more I use Formidable the more I am completely amazed at what a wonderful piece of work you have created! It's letting me do more than I ever expected. So many thanks for sharing this wonderful creation!

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