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Formidable is perhaps the single most useful WP plugin I've ever come across - wonderful product and I must also say extremely fast support response.

John Bowden

This is by far one of the best plug-ins I've come across in a long time, if ever! It is truly a fine plugin with so many possibilities. I'm glad to know I bought the right one for a change!

Sheena Marie Sky Life Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I preload dynamic values?

Use shortcodes like [time] or [date] to populate a field with the current time or date. There is no need to have a 'click to add a date/time' field.

Can I get details from the user's profile into the form?

If your users are logged in, populate your form fields with anything from the user profile like name, email, or display name. Users can add, edit, or delete any form field afterward.

Can I use data from previous form entries?

You can even populate fields with the values submitted in other forms. If a user once fills out a form on your site, they won’t need to enter the same data again on any other form on your site! It will save time and create an even better experience.

Can I use details about the current page and post?

Users can add new street addresses to update you about their location. But how do you know about the pages they’re responding to? Or, maybe you'd like an email notification to go to the author of the current page? You get all of these when you use the Fill Out Forms Automatically feature.

How does it help to fill out forms automatically?

Automatically filling out online forms lessens the chances of input error. Give your users error-free, time-saving forms to enhance the experience.

The automatic form filler feature works with any of your favorite browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and so on). It also supports browsers in mobile apps. You can manage autofill settings and gain the best form configuration for your target users.

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