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Do you want your online WordPress forms built for you? Our form templates, examples, and demos are just what you've been looking for. Create instant forms with our pre-built form templates. Not a single line of code required!

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Shipping Date Calculator

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How Did You Hear About Us Survey

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Personality Quiz

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Patient Satisfaction Survey

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Attachment Style Quiz

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Geography Quiz

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IT Service Request Form

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Monthly Payment Form

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Stripe Payment Form

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Boyfriend Application Form

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Buy Me a Coffee Form

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Crowdfunding Form

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Credit Card Application Form

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Demographic Information Form

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Esthetician Consent Form

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With formidable forms, anything is possible and therefore truly captures your imagination. With the abundance of wordpress templates and designs, and combined with formidable forms, you can create beautiful and functional websites.

Saqib N

Simple, Amazing & Serves tons of functionalities. Offered modules are perfect. Premade templates are just amazing, saves times and helped to understand that what complex functions can be easily implemented through formidable forms.

Qasim Ali S

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of templates can I use with Formidable?

Formidable Forms provides a range of useful WordPress form templates that you can use in different scenarios.

Form templates can get you started the easy way! Get contact forms, registration forms, job application templates, real estate listing forms, email subscription forms, and many more.

Using the Formidable WordPress form builder, there are no limits to what you can build! And of course, getting started with a template makes things a lot faster. Even the Formidable free version comes with templates!

If you are a busy developer or business owner, start saving time with form templates! Here are some of our most popular choices:

Contact forms

Looking for an instant, beginner-friendly WordPress contact form template? Our forms will get you running in under a minute. It's the easiest form you'll ever make. Just create the form from a template and place it on a contact page (or in any widget area).

Why stop there? Advanced WordPress forms like lead forms are possible too. Just add more custom fields and suddenly your contact form can generate real results! Formidable is much more than just a WordPress contact form plugin.

Calculator forms

We want to make it fast and easy to create forms with calculations. Whether it's mortgage calculators, price estimates, or car payment calculators, Formidable Forms has you covered.

WooCommerce product customizer form

Do you use WooCommerce? Our WooCommerce product customizer includes a handy template. Our WooCommerce template lets you start from a sample product configurator form to calculate the total value of a product before it is added to the cart.

User registration forms

Want to open up your website to user registrations? No need to build registration forms yourself. Just use form templates! The simple user registration template is the perfect way to get users to sign up to your site. With our drag and drop builder, you can easily customize your registration forms too.

Order forms

Looking for an order form template? No problem. When you choose Formidable Forms, you are choosing a full-featured order form builder too. With our WordPress forms plugin, your order forms can grow along with any client or your own business.

Can I customize form templates?

Of course. All of our templates are fully customizable to ensure they look and function exactly how you want them to. If you don’t want a phone number field, get rid of it. Want to add more fields? You can do that too. Add whatever form fields you need. Use Conditional Logic to make smarter, more complex forms. Style your forms with Bootstrap or ditch the CSS entirely with our visual form styler. With Formidable, you can customize to your heart's content.

Our form templates can also be extended with add-ons. Connect your email marketing platform (like MailChimp) and send new contacts to your email lists. Or add customers automatically to Hubspot CRM.

Can I save custom forms as templates?

Yes! Formidable Forms allows you to save custom-built forms as templates that you can reuse on all your projects. If you know you’ll need that complex form again for another WordPress site, you can simply save it as a template for later.

How do Formidable form templates compare to the competition?

Are you looking at templates by Caldera Forms, Ninja Forms, Everest Forms, or WPForms? Trying to decide which plugin is best? Have a look at this: best free WordPress form plugins. We've compared them all so you don't have to.

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