Import Forms, Entries, and Views

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You may easily import forms, entries, and Views on the 'Formidable' → 'Import/Export' page. If an imported form, entry, or View matches the key and creation date of an existing form, entry, or View, the existing item will be updated.

Import data via XML

Follow the instructions below to import forms, entries, and/or Views as an XML file. If your imported form/entry/View/Style key and creation date match an item on your site, that item will be updated. You cannot undo this action.

  1. Go to your 'Formidable' → 'Import/Export' page.
  2. In the Import section, select an XML file to upload.
    Import upload import
  3. Click Upload File and Import. Your form, entries, View and/or Style will be imported or updated.

Import entries via CSV

— Pro Only Feature —

Follow the instructions below to import entries into a Formidable form as a CSV file.

  1. Create your own CSV file or export entries from another site. If you create your own CSV, you must include headers for each field at the top of your CSV file in order to properly link up each column with a field in your form. The CSV file needs to look something like this:
    "First name", "Last name", "Address", "Phone number"
    "John", "Doe", "123 Main St.", "123-123-1234"
    "Jane", "Smith", "789 Center", "321-123-1234"

    Note: If you are a Mac user, you will need to save your file as Windows Comma Separated (.csv).

  2. Go to 'Formidable' → 'Import/Export' and select a CSV file to upload.
  3. Select your delimiter (often a comma) and the form where you would like to import the entries.
    Import entries CSV
  4. Click Upload File and Import.
  5. In the Map Fields section, you will see a column for the headers in your CSV, one for sample data from your CSV, and one for selecting which fields the CSV columns will go into.
    Import Map Fields
    Map each column to the corresponding field. If you would like to update existing entries instead of importing new entries, you must map the Entry ID field to an Entry ID column in your CSV. If the entry ID in the CSV matches an entry ID in the form, the entry will be updated. Otherwise, a new entry will be created.
  6. Click the Import button, and watch the number of entries to be imported count down.

If you have trouble importing your CSV, please go through the import troubleshooting steps.

Import Styles

If you want to export a Style from one site to another, just export the Style then import the XML file onto the desired site. When you import this XML file onto another site, the form and attached Style will be imported. The imported style will be added to your 'Formidable' → 'Styles'.

Import files

If you would like to import files from entries on one site into entries on another site, follow the instructions below. Please note, you cannot import files that are protected. For more information about File Protection, click here.

  1. Go to 'Formidable' → 'Import/Export'.
  2. Under 'Import' click Browse and select the file you want to import. The file must be a CSV file. XML files cannot import uploaded files from entries on another site.
  3. Check 'Import files. If you are importing from another site, check this box to copy external files to this site.'
  4. Click Upload files and import.
    File Upload Import