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Formidable has been the ONLY form system that we found that would work as we needed, with the options we wanted, and that was easy to use. It's been well worth the purchase!

Steven Brown

Formidable, just does what it says. Quickly, easily and with confidence that your customers, subscribers will fill in the form, not get lost, be sent the email and you get notified. As far as I am concerned it is the last word for Forms.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reduce form abandonment?

Reducing form abandonment can be achieved by simplifying the form design, limiting the number of fields, and providing clear instructions.

It's essential to make forms as straightforward and intuitive as possible, eliminating any unnecessary steps or information requests that might deter users from completing them. Additionally, utilizing progress indicators, inline validation, and offering assistance through tooltips or FAQ sections can further enhance the user experience, thereby minimizing form abandonment rates.

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Frontend Editor for WordPress

Allow users to edit form submissions & posts without seeing the back-end of your site.

Visual Form Styler

Change form colors, borders, padding and much more without any code.

WordPress Automatic Email Add-On

Create customized email notifications to get information those who need it.