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I have been using formidable for years and its always the first plugin I install when I start a WordPress site. I have built really impressive web applications such as scholarship application forms, classified ads, real estate listings etc with Formidable.

Albert Opoku

Formidable is the whole reason I went with WordPress for this site with interactive forms and I love it so far. You guys are making me look so good and what I thought impossible for me to do a couple of months ago is in fact possible.

Dennis Hudson

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reduce form abandonment?

Reducing form abandonment can be achieved by simplifying the form design, limiting the number of fields, and providing clear instructions.

It's essential to make forms as straightforward and intuitive as possible, eliminating any unnecessary steps or information requests that might deter users from completing them. Additionally, utilizing progress indicators, inline validation, and offering assistance through tooltips or FAQ sections can further enhance the user experience, thereby minimizing form abandonment rates.

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