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Use a Repeatable Section to add a group of fields any number of times. This field allows users to click an 'Add' button to add another group of fields. This field is incredibly useful if you would like users to add details about multiple items in a form. This feature is commonly used when adding information for multiple individuals, such as children, in a form.
Repeatable Section front-end

Standard Field Options

A Repeatable Section has the following standard options:
Repeatable Section Options

Field-specific options

— Pro Only Feature —

Repeat Layout

With the Repeatable Section, you can choose the layout you would like for the fields within that section. To set the layout, go into the Section Heading field and select the Repeat Layout that you would like.
Section Heading Options
The Inline format will display all the fields in the Repeatable Section on one row. The Grid format will display all the fields in the Repeatable Section on one row with the field names only on the top of the first row.

Repeat Buttons

By default, the repeat buttons will show a (+)(-) symbol as well as the Add/Remove text. The text can be changed to whatever you would like, or you can remove the text altogether and only have the (+)(-) symbols. Alternatively, the (+)(-) symbols can be removed so you only see text on the Add/Remove buttons.

  1. Click on the (-)Remove (+)Add field inside of your Repeating Section.
    Repeatable Icons
  2. Set your Add New Label and Remove Label text.
    Repeatable Icon Labels
  3. Choose if you would like to have 'Icons', 'Text links', or 'Text links with icons' for the Repeat Links option.
    Section Heading Repeat Links

Set up a Repeatable Section

  1. Add a Repeatable Section by clicking on SectionRepeatable in the Fields Panel (in the right sidebar).
    Add a Repeatable Section
    If you already have a Section Heading and want to make it repeatable, just select the 'Repeatable' option in the field options.
    Convert Section to Repeatable Section
  2. Drag and drop the field(s) that you would like into the Section.
    Section Heading Drag and Drop
  3. Now you can customize the layout of the repeat rows or change the repeat buttons.

Section styling

To customize the default styling for Repeatable Sections, go to Formidable → Styles → Section Fields and click the 'Repeatable' tab. Select the icons that you would like to use for your add/remove buttons.
Section Heading Repeatable

Displaying Repeatable Sections

By default, you'll see values grouped by field when you display data from your Repeatable Section:

Name: John Smith, Julie Roberts, Rob Darlington
Meal: Pepperoni pizza, Fettucine alfredo, Pepperoni pizza
Drink: Dr. Pepper, Water, Coca Cola

You may use the [foreach] shortcode to have greater control over the presentation of your data or you may create a View from a Repeatable Section. A View provides ordering and filtering options that the [foreach] shortcode does not.

Display data grouped by row

If you would like to display the data from a Repeatable Section grouped by row, like this:

John Smith: Pepperoni pizza, Dr. Pepper
Julie Roberts: Fettucine alfredo, Water
Rob Darlington: Pepperoni pizza, Coca Cola

you can use the foreach shortcode like this:

[foreach 100]
[101]: [102], [103]

Replace 100 with the field ID of your Repeatable Section. Replace 101, 102, and 103 with the field IDs that are inside of the Repeating Section.

Display data in a table

You can also use the foreach shortcode to display the repeating fields in a table:

Name Meal Drink
John Smith Pepperoni pizza Dr. Pepper
Julie Roberts Fettucine alfredo Water
Rob Darlington Pepperoni pizza Coca Cola

Use the code below to create a table with the foreach shortcode:

<th>Column 1</th>
<th>Column 2</th>
<th>Column 3</th>
[foreach 100]
[/foreach 100]

Replace 100 with the field ID of the Repeatable Section. Replace 101, 102, and 103 with the field IDs that are inside of the Repeatable Section.

Create a View from a Repeatable Section

If you would like to learn how to create a View directly from your Repeatable section, click here.