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Would like to gray out reserved time slots


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I have the above form for visitors to reserve a Bowling Lane with a time slot.

I have everything setup correctly and working.

My issue I can't figure out is how to make the time slots already purchased to appeared grayed out.

You can test the form via the link above.
I have already reserved Lane 1 at 7:00PM and Lane 4 at 10:00PM.
You can select those Lanes and time to see the error the visitor would receive. (Image attached)

NOTE: This form will connect to PayPal, when all is working correctly.

Thank you for any insight and help.

Link(s) to Form/View


Hi there,

This code example to remove dropdown options after n submissions should get you started.

Replace 426, 427, and 428 with the dropdown field IDs that you want to limit and change $count >= 5 to $count >= 1 to limit it after one submission.

I would recommend using the Code Snippets plugin when inserting custom PHP functions like this to your site. See:

Does that work for you?

This worked perfectly!

Thank you for the direction.


One more thing. Can you make this ticket PUBLIC, so that others can learn from it?

Glad to hear that! I'll let our team know and maybe we could add it to the documentation as well.

Ticket closed.