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Tooltips for form labels


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The ability to easily add a question mark with a small pop up with further instructions.

74 votes +1

Agreed.  If it worked similarly to Tippy ( ;-) would be awesome!!!


I'd like to add my support for this suggestion. I'd like to further suggest that the tooltip functionality be designed to go along with formfield design, i.e. when a text box is hovered over or selected, the tooltip appears. The free Custom Contact Form plugin does this nicely.

I do agree. Would be neat with something like this:[tooltipcontent="Tex in toolbox" Hover over me for tooltip[/tooltip]

I agree. would be very helpful.

Agreed. Any further progress on this?

While I agree this would be a nice feature, it could be done manually now.

Could you please  provide an example or a link? Thanks

I think it's best if you just let the plugin handle the form processing. I've been learning how to use Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation to style and enhance forms and other content as far as user experience is concerned.

If you go to the form's settings and then to customize html, you could add classes or append an icon after the label which displays the tooltip when you hover.



Hope that helps!

Using the hint CSS tooltip provided here - >

I've put together a basic tool tip to the right of my field set to show on cursor hover by adding styling to the [input] shortcode in the settings for the custom html of a particular field with the following:

HTML tag of your choice with the following attributes: class="hint--right" data-hint="your text here"

Now when you hover over the field you see "your text here" in the tool tip.

I cast my vote also. Using tooltips for field labels and/or descriptions would be awesome.

Also allow us to style them from the General Settings.

I totally agree and miss this feature, above all for complex forms.

A quick solution could be an option, "want display the optional description as tooltip?" and if yes, place a circle "?" or "i" icon aside of field label, where clicked shows a popup with optional description content, instead to display it below the field.

Please consider it for a next update.

Thanks in advance


I lost myself :)

You already use tooltip "i" for detailed informations on Global Settings, why this feature isn't available in form builder?

Did I miss something?


It's not generalizable to make everyone use the same tooltip. There will need to be options along with it.

Thanks Steph,

this means that in a next version will be tooltip option available? :)

No, it doesn't. We will update this topic if there is any news on the feature.

Ok, meanwhile I found a workaround, need a bit of tweaks but it works for me.

Hope to see this useful feature soon in Formidable, anyway.


I vote for this feature especially for a popup that appears when a field is clicked and fades away once user begins typing or selects something.  Reappears if user clicks inside field again even if user already populated it.

I vote Yes as well.... This would be an excellent addition to the  Formidable Forms. PLEASE consider adding this soon. I have seen it offered by other form builder applications for Wordpress so I am sure it would be a breeze for "Formidable Pro".

I'd like to add my support for this suggestion me too! A client just asked me to do that and I was sure Formidable was doing it... Hope it will be in a future update because it's a must! :)

I agree . . . but think it should not be a small limited tooltip; it should be a full on html smart floating box which would allow you to format colors and expressions fonts, graphics and more . . . if you're going to do it, go all the way . . . with all the mobile devices we need to provide all of our information so it automatically fits everything and the same goes for this feature.

Putting little lines of text near a field just clutters things up, surprised this has not been done already.

Hi, could some please post a manual solution for this ?

I wish to add HTML to a tooltip to give detailed informative description to what a form field does.

'Ninja Forms' has exactly this, but we couldnt find a developer for that so switched to Formidable, didnt check to see if it was a 'feature' as I wrongly assumed it would be included !

Such a shame as its very useful and now I have a serious problem that I need to resolve as I had infomed my client that adding tooltips would not be an issue.


A work around . . . I am using Elegant Themes and the "theme" actually includes this "tooltip" function and it has a shortcode for it which I have added as a tooltip.

I used the column position and html field . . . here is the code that went into the html field:

[tooltip text="<blockquote><strong>Compliance Service </strong>
BLAH BLAH BLAH TEXT FOR HELP</blockquote>"] <img src="your image source"> [/tooltip]

The end result is a hover help tooltip

@admingenie, can you please start your own topic for support?

I give this my full support. Very valuable functionality.


Here is an easy solution.

Yes please!



I have implemented real easy tooltips and help demonstrated here and the options you can see in the screenshot. Is this what people want? I don't mind sharing.


That looks great Craig!

We'd love if you could share a step by step guide on how to do this - maybe add it to the "Tips & Tricks" section of the community site too?

This ticket has been around for 7 years. Any Update from the creators maybe?

The solution by Craig Heller (posted on December 22, 2017) looks promising but he did not respond in this thread anymore. I contacted him as well via his website where the demo still runs. That was in Jan 2019. Not heard back yet.

Easy tooltips please!

I will try to post the way I did it shortly. I have been sidelined with medical issues ...

OK, I did a quick cut and paste into a text file I will attach here.



Really could use this - big VOTE form me.

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