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Style During Ajax Loading


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Is there a way to style the form and/or the loading indicator? Currently, when a user hits next on a page break or submits the form, there is a small loading graphic that gives the user feedback that form is processing, and I was hoping to add some styling to the form itself and to possibly alter the look of the loading graphic. I was hoping to be able to add a class to the body of the form when you hit next or submit and then remove that class once the form has finished. Thanks for your help!

Maybe before you get into this, it would be best to try out the changes we've made in 2.3? You can find v2.03rc1 here:

We feel this version is pretty solid, and we are planning a release next week. You will see the new loading changes if you create a new form. The HTML for the submit button is different in this new version. If you'd like the same loading indicator on your old forms, you can copy the HTML in from the submit button box in the customizable HTML for a new form, and past it into your old form. In order to not break reverse compatibility, we decided to leave the old HTML as is.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Thanks for your help with this. I can wait for the next release and try something then.

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