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send new (blog) post automation


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I am really enjoying the new automation features Thanks

What I want to do is to have someone receive the latest blog post automatically

I used to use Feedburner from Google but that is ME signing up for a blog post.

I want to have a form that is registered with the user and then automatically sends out the new blog post each month.

I know I can do it in Mailchimp but I want people to be able to  choose Text or Email

I also dont want our "non-tech" authors to have to fiddle with Mailchimp automation which is what they would have to do now

Instead I should be able to have different form actions one for those that choose text, those that choose email to get the blog post.

I can do it one time OK but how do I do it using the new automation tools?

Any ideas?

Hi --

One way to approach this would be:

  1. create a form where people sign up for blog posts (could be a form you already have, like a registration form)
  2. make two Views that each create a comma separate list of the emails of people who've signed up for blog posts -- one for text and one for email
    1. filter the View so only people who've selected "yes" to the question, "Do you want to receive emails of blog posts?"
    2. filter one View so it only has people who've selected text
    3. filter the other View so it only has people who've selected HTML
  3. have  a form to create blog posts
    1. add two Email Notifications to the post, one for text and one for HTML
      1. in the to: box, put the appropriate email list View
      2. in the content box, add the blog post content
      3. select text format for the text Email Notification
    2. When a blog post is created with the form, it will go out to users based on their choices.

I highly recommend using MailChimp for this.

  1. It gives users the choice between HTML and plain text.
  2. You can set up an RSS-to-email campaign using the site's RSS feed, which is generally   Your non-tech users will have to do absolutely nothing to send out blog posts -- it all happens automatically.
  3. MailChimp allows users to unsubscribe easily.
    1. If you're using Formidable to send the blog posts, your users can unsubscribe easily, too.
    2. You can:
      1. enable editing on the form where they signed up for the blog post delivery, and
      2. limit to one per logged-in user
      3. give users the link to the form on the bottom of the blog email, so they can find  it easily.
      4. Note: you may be legally required to add this link if you're in the US and this site is commercial.
  4. formatting -- MailChimp has professional formatting to make the posts look good.  With Formidable, you'd have to take care of that on your own.
    1. If you choose to go forward with MailChimp and have images, you may want to use this plugin to make them play nicely with MailChimp
  5. legal compliance
    1. MailChimp takes care of double opt ins and other legal requirements, so you can be sure you're safe and protected.
  6. deliverability
    1. MailChimp works hard to get your emails delivered.  It looks legit to spam detectors.
    2. If you send bulk emails through your host, that can look suspicious to spam detectors, and your emails can get flagged as spam and/or not delivered.

If you'd like more detail about the Formidable approach or you run into any issues using it, I'd be happy to help!

Hmm I meant SMS (text) not text based email but perhaps your approach will work?

Not sure about putting the VIEW name of the CSV file of emails into the TO box of the form action? so that will automatically go through the CSV file and parse out each email?

Do you have documentation of that so I can look at it?

So how do we broadcast the SMS (text) clients the blog?



Hi --

The same approach should work.

You'd add a View of people's phone numbers, separated by commas, and use that for the texts.

You can read about sending texts after a form submission here:

Have you worked with Views before?  If not, you can start reading about creating them here:

You would create a View that has, in its Content box,


where 120 is the id or key of the email field and {space} is a space.

This will give you a comma separated list of email addresses (with an extra comma at the end that's okay to have).

You'd do a similar  thing with the phone numbers.

You would put the shortcode for the email View in the to: box of the Email Notification.  You can read about the View shortcode here:

You do the same thing with the phone number View for the texts.

You can run the email campaign through MailChimp, which I'd recommend.

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