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Save more than one draft


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I'd like to be able to save multiple drafts per user.  Since it looks like the drafts get saved just like a submission in the database, I am thinking that they could be then be used in the same way as entries, subject to things like filtering.

This would allow a user to say, save a comment for each post rather than just one comment as it would be filtered by the post ID.  Similarly, a user could save a review for each trail in your trails demo and then revisit the review later.

(If no filter was applied and the user was somehow able to create more than one draft, then just the most recent could be shown or the form could be replicated to show all drafts on that page.)

41 votes +1

+1 on this suggestion. Currently I think Save Draft is a bit confusing to users. Most think they can Save Draft and then save another draft or submit another entry. But before they can do either, they have to submit the draft they've saved. I get questions about this regularly so I typically disable Save Draft even though it's a nifty feature.

I would like to see this implemented into Formidable Forms. I've recently upgraded to the pro version and think it's absolutely fantastic but the only draw-back I have is that it's not possible to have a number of drafts and be able to edit/fine-tune them before actually submitting it.

I'd like to see this implemented as well.

+ 1 on this suggestion.

I have 1 form in particular that multiple people from each organisation can access and allowing them to each save their own draft would be really useful.

This would be very useful.

+1 Already need this functionality

+ 1 for this feature.

+1 for this feature

I also voted for this feature, I see it is almost at 30 votes, how many are needed before Formidable team decides this will be a feature to implement?

@Justin Germino, I'm not sure that there is a numerical threshold.  For example there's a suggestion for a way to book appointments/sessions that has 76 votes and has been around since 2011.  It's received some attention and response from Steph, but ultimately doesn't appear to be in their plans.  So it may have as much to do with how the ideas align with their internal roadmap for the product as it does with how many votes the suggestions receives.



+1. Thanks !

A simpler workaround for now might be to hide "save draft" button if a draft already exists, and send user to this draft with conditional links. I was given this help from support staff, although it's over my head. I can't get it to work, but maybe someone else can:

Instead of getting the submit button, you could get the save draft link, which is an <a> tag that has the frm_save_draft class.

So you'd change this:

var $submitButton = $("#frm_form_" + formID + "_container .frm_final_submit");

to something that would get the save draft link. Probably swapping .frm_final_submit for .frm_save_draft would do it.

If you need to do this for multiple values, you could create an array of those values and check to see if the current value is in the array.

For URL params, you can save the value of the URL param in a Hidden field by putting [get param=param-name] as the default value. (I think you're already doing this. Just want to make sure.)

Sorry about that. Here is the function I was referencing in my previous reply:


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