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Repeatable Section Entries Not Searchable?


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I have a warranty registration form that uses a repeatable section for all questions (so you can register multiple products).  The entries for this repeatable section are not searchable in the backend.  Is there a way to make these entries normal, searchable entries?


Hi --

Unfortunately, we don't have an easy, convenient way to make entries from Repeatable Sections into normal entries in the admin.  I'll give you some options of ways to approach this.  I'd be happy to fill in more detail of whichever ones interest you.

  1. create an Advanced Search form, using a View of the Repeatable Section (child).
    1. if you want to search the main form and the Repeatable Section, you can nest the Repeatable Section View in the main View and set up the filters so each one is filtered as appropriate
    4. you can put this on a page only accessible to admins, if you like
  2. export the Repeatable Section (child) using CSV and search that
  3. if you're comfortable writing code, you could create a new entry in a separate form for each warranty registration.
    1. You could start with this code example, but it would need substantial adjustment to use the Repeatable Sections.
  4. restructure the form so that you're not using Repeatable Sections
    1. at the end of the form, ask the person if s/he wants to register another warranty and redirect to the same form, if the person does
    2. you can pass the name and product ownership answers from the first form using parameters so the user doesn't have to enter these repeatedly

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