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Registration: customizable login form


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Would be great to get more access to the login form (e.g.changing input type) with additional function or simple by getting the login form as form template provided to enable HTML modifaction

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And the lost password form is needed, please.

@Redbulls, can you please see this suggestion for the lost password form? It has been added and is awaiting release.

Thanks for the answer. I've tried this function from beta version.

But I mean I would like to customize login and lost password form.

If there are any CSS classes for these, please let me know.

Can you please open your own ticket for questions about this? Thanks!

The login form has been modified quite a bit in version 2.0b3:

If there are specific options you find you need, please create a new suggestion with the specifics requests included. Thank you!

Ticket closed.