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reCaptcha timeout error


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I have enabled recaptcha on my forms but I am getting the following error message and the form won't send on submit

"There was a problem verifying your recaptcha Connection timed out after 5000 milliseconds"

Here is a link to the form which is at the bottom of this page:

The same form works fine on a different server so I am wondering is it a host server issue.

Any thoughts would be appreciated


Hi Mike,

I'm not sure what might be causing that timeout. I went to the site you listed, and ran two entries through in Chrome and Firefox, but both times the submission process went through without a hitch, including captcha.

As you think it might be a host-specific issue, I wonder if it might just be that it has been resolved (as there are several hours between your request and my response). When you try it now, does it work?

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