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Radio Buttons with Images


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I've worked out I can create radio buttons with images by putting the <img /> details in the label field.

Now I would like to set the height of the images so that they render nicely - each image will have a slightly different shape....but I want it to look symmetrical? So by setting the height value of the images to all the same size, then we will solve the problem.

How do I set the class on each image?


Is there a better way to have select fields with images?

I updated my code in your other post to include this.

Here it is as well:

.with_frm_style .centered_frm_radio .frm_radio input[type=radio] {
 display: block;
 margin: 0 auto;
.frm_style_formidable-style.with_frm_style .centered_frm_radio .frm_radio {
 display: inline-block;
.centered_frm_radio .frm_radio img{
height: 100px;

Ticket closed.

[formidable id=164]
[formidable id=164]