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Radio and Check Buttons wont display inline


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While creating either checkbox or radio buttons they are displayed on multiple lines.
I have changed the setting to single line and check the css file as suggested in another post.
I am using Version 1.06.03 Pro.

Unfortunately this is making this great product much less productive than advertised.

Can you please help me with this very frustrating problem


We are happy to help. Can you provide a link to the form so we can see what CSS is being used by the checkboxes and radio buttons?

There is a setting in the general style settings (see screenshot 1) and a setting in individual field options (see screenshot 2)

The general setting will apply to newly created checkbox/radio fields, but if you changed this after creating your fields, the individual field options (screenshot 2) might need to be changed to "single row"

Also, the options on the form builder page don't change to single row, but when previewing or viewing your form on the page, they should be in a single row.

Anyways, if you can provide a link to your form, we can help you get it all sorted out.


Ticket closed.