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Process Stripe Payments while logged-in


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Hi there,

I'd like to be able to allow logged-in users to renew/update their membership and pay dues by editing their entries.  Is this possible?  I've set it up, but the Stripe Payment fields are nowhere to be found so I can't collect new fees.  I don't really want to duplicate last year's form, as ideally, I'd just like them to be able to update their current info and then pay using the same form.


Hi Victor,

It's not currently an option to take a Stripe payment when an entry is edited. Maybe instead of renewing through an edit, the user could create a new entry? You could autopopulate the form with values from their previous submission.

You mentioned the Stripe payment fields are nowhere to be found - which version of Stripe are you running? And do you see the credit card field when you create a new entry?

Hi Jamie,

I did realize (once I had my morning coffee) that it doesn't make sense to allow people to edit their payments.  And I also figured out that the reason why I could not see the Stripe Payment fields was because I was in "Edit-View" mode.  So all is well in that regard.

Thanks for your tip on creating a new entry.  I think I'll take it one step further by allowing people to edit their information on the form, and once they click on "Update", they'll get re-directed to another form which will basically just collect their payment.

I do have to say I really enjoy the flexibility of allows me to do (almost) anything I want.


Hi Victor,

I'm glad the planning is coming together. And I agree that Formidable is very flexible! It really does a lot.

If you haven't already seen this documentation, it may be helpful for you if you decide to autopopulate a form with previously submitted entry values:

Thanks, Jamie!  The documentation you sent is a lifesaver!  I also found this one quite helpful:


Ah, that does seem very relevant to what you're building.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this before I close the ticket.

There is one last question...the link in my last e-mail regarding a single dynamic field for a single form...what happens when I need to do a dynamic field/select current user option for more than one field and form?

I am guessing it involves replacing the variable with an array?

I am not sure if that code is available somewhere or if I need to figure it out on my own, but any lead or hints would be much appreciated.


Hi Victor,

I would recommend that you duplicate the function for each field where it needs to be used. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when duplicating a function:

Awesome, Jamie!  Thanks!

You're welcome!

Ticket closed.