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Possible to disable automatic image resizing of images uploaded through form?


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We have a form where users upload images through a file upload form field and I would like to make sure that the uploaded files don't get automatically resized by WordPress after upload. I only want the original that the user uploaded in the submission to be saved on the server.

I can't seem to find a previous post about it so wondering if it is possible?

Appreciat the help!

Also no need for this ticket to be privat, so please make it public so maybe the answers can help someone else as well.

The different image sizes generated when you upload a file (Usually thumbnail, medium and large - in addition to the original "Full" sized image) are generated by WordPress, not Formidable.

There is a guide here on how to control those image sizes and remove unwanted ones:

Does that help?

The issue is that I don't want WordPress to generate these additional sizes only for the uploaded files from Formidable, all other uploads I want WordPress to work as normal.

I'm afraid that since this is a core WordPress feature, Formidable has no control over it, and you would need custom code to specifically prevent this function only for Formidable uploads.

I think I managed to get an approach where I delete all the generated images after post submission working, see code in gist through link below:

Maybe it can help someone else.

Thanks for sharing!

Ticket closed.