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Our booking form loads up, flashes briefly then disappears


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I've updated the plugin, refreshed the cache, several times, and for what ever reason, every time I load up the form (pages with the view function work fine), the form shows for less than a second then was working on the previous version of formidable.

cheers, Shaun

Hi Shaun,

It sounds like you may have Javascript errors on your page preventing the page from completely loading.

Since the 2.03 release a function is included which hides forms that contain conditional logic until the page load is complete - this prevents content that should be hidden by conditional logic from being momentarily visible during page load.

I'd recommend tracking down & fixing the page errors, but you can get a short term work around by adding a bit of css on your Formidable -> Styles -> custom css page.

.js .frm_logic_form:not(.frm_no_hide) {
display: block !important;

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