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New Version of Formidable Conflicts with Gravity View


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I recently updated the Formidable Pro plugin and experienced an issue with a different plugin not working right: specifically, Gravity View, which is a popular extension of Gravity Forms (it allows users to create view, similar to what Formidable comes with out of the box! 🙂 ). When I click the Edit Entry link in a GravityView view, I'm not longer taken to the edit screen. The URL changes and screen flashes, but the content doesn't change.

I narrowed down the issue to this: I can have Formidable Forms installed (I installed on a fresh site with no data), but as soon as I create a View, the GravityView edit entry button stops working.

This isn't necessarily a bug with Formidable Forms, but I assume you'd like to avoid conflicts with other plugins where possible. Like I said, there used to be no conflict, but in the last Formidable update it seems that something was changed that's now affecting it. It had been several months (before January I think) since I updated, so I don't know which specific patch was responsible.

GravityView with working Edit Entry link (Formidable Forms installed, but no view created):

GravityView with Edit Entry link not working (Formidable Forms installed with views created):

Is it an option for you to change the parameter in your URL? Here's a bit more info on that:

The page you linked to no longer exists. I did some more digging and realized that the issue affects viewing a single GravityView entry--when Formidable is activated (and at least one view exists), clicking the View Details link in the GravityView view changes the URL but the content on the page stays the same.

To get a better idea of what was happening, I reset the Wordpress permalink settings to Plain and compared the URLs for viewing a Formidable single entry and a GravityView single entry:



It looks like the exact same format, but I assume Formidable is taking precedence, so when I try to go to the second URL it ignores/can't execute the "entry=2" part.

Does that make sense? Is that something that would've been affect by a recent update? I guess I'm confused because there used to be no conflict and now there is.

You're exactly right. Both plugins are using the value "entry". A recent version of Formidable started allowing pretty permalinks like entry/2/ instead of only ?entry=2. It sounds like this change is now conflicting. Each of the views in Formidable include an option to change "entry" to something else. You can go through and change this in every view, or change it from the Gravity Views side. I don't know the details on what to change in that side of things. Maybe you can contact their support to ask?

That worked!! Thanks so much, Steph. I just changed the "entry" value in the Formidable views and it no longer conflicts with GravityView. I don't see an easy way to do this in GravityView, so I may inquire about that.

Thank you for your fast support, I really appreciate it!

Glad to hear it! Thanks for trying that.

Hi Steph,

I was having more issues with conflicts between Formidable and Gravity View. It was basically the same issue as before, but I had more trouble resolving it this time around. Anyway, I found this page on Gravity View's site that shows how to change the "entry" value in permalinks globally for all Gravity View views. Might be helpful if someone else runs into the same issue as me!

Thanks for sharing!

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