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Migrating forms, entries, views, whatever else we need


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Our main site is unfortunately moving to a Joomla platform so we need to move our Formidable forms, databases, etc. to a different WordPress site. We do have a support contract, so I'd like so I'd like help with the migration, although it seems straightforward. The move can begin anytime, but needs to be completed by Monday, December 11.

This is the information I have gleaned from the support blog:

You could export all of the forms, entries, Views, Styles, etc. from Form A. I would also highly recommend backing up your site's database in case there are any problems with the migration. You could then deactivate your license on Site A, then install Formidable on Site B and activate your license there. After activating it on Site B, you could import the XML files.

In order to migrate this data to another site, I'd recommend copying all the tables to the other site. A backup plugin like Backup Buddy would be a great help here to copy all of this to another site. If you'd only like to copy the Formidable tables, you can find the list of tables here:

Our support doesn't cover doing the migration for you, so you'll need to work on that part on your own. Best of luck with this!

I don't have the technical know-how to do the migration. Can you connect me with some other Formidable Pro users in the Omaha, NE area who may be able to help me?

This isn't information we have, but you're welcome to post on the community site. It's pretty unlikely that someone in your area will come across your question, but there are a lot of very helpful people in the forums.

I greatly appreciate the suggestions above! It has made me much more confident that the migration will work.

However, the administrator of the new site (who has not dealt with FormidablePro forms before) tells me that during installation she got a notice that we need to pay for the Pro license. We already have it on the old site (which we'll shut down after the migration is successfully completed) and I'm not sure what to tell her about the license. I gave her the number we have on the old site. Is there a particular process, or point, at which that can be successfully transferred?

That's great news! All you need to do is add your license to activate the new site and you should be good to go.

Since our website has moved to a Joomla platform we will no longer be using Formidable forms except for one application for an organization that has its own website that runs on WordPress. So I tried to renew our subscription for next year as a Personal rather than a small business license. However, when I click to download the personal version, I'm automatically switched to the small business license. Is it possible to revert to a personal one?

Unfortunately, that isn’t a current option. You would instead need a new personal license rather than renewing your other one. Hopefully that option will work for you!

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