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I want to create an action without having to refresh the whole page


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I have a booking system that my sales manager uses, to see the most current 'view' of the page, you have to refresh the entire page.  Which was fine.....but now we're dealing with ie 50+ bookings at a time.

It's slow, if we want to email a customer, the whole page has to refresh, or send a txt, or pdf up a booking.

I.E you click on an icon, it loads up a php page, which near the end of the code, changes the status of the icon.  (To make it easier ie if it's in colour the status is yes if it's grey then it's a no).

What I'd like to do is have ajax or jquery do this for me.  You click on a greyed out button, it runs the pdf script......then the icon status updates, without having to refresh the whole page.

I'm not asking for the standard - this is out of our perimeters etc, but any suggestions on a solid starting point, so I can research and code this.  Or a company you would recommend, that can do this request etc.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


cheers, Shaun


Hi Shaun,

I don't think we have any hooks or examples that would help with this particular customization. I would recommend looking into performing ajax requests with WP though. WordPress makes ajax requests pretty straightforward to set up.

Sorry I'm not able to help you much with this, but let me know if you have any non-code questions that I could help with.

Also, I would recommend hiring a developer to help with this unless you plan to develop it yourself. I think Andrew or Darryl would be good for the job, but I'm not sure how familiar either of them are with Ajax.


I haven't tried this out yet, but will let you know if this points me in the right direction.

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