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hipaa secure forms?


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I'm building a WordPress based website for a client and they have asked for a secure, hipaa-complient form for them to receive patient information.

Is this something I can create with your forms?

HIPAA compliance is mostly dependent on your server and server setup. Here's a basic requirement list I found:

Is always encrypted as it is transmitted over the Internet
Is not lost, i.e. should be backed up and can be recovered
Is only accessible by authorized personnel
Is not tampered with or altered
Should be encrypted if it is being stored or archived
Can be permanently disposed of when no longer needed

The only requirements listed there that would apply directly to your forms are the encryption. Formidable does not store data encrypted. This would require custom code to encrypt and decrypt information. If you have more questions about a specific HIPAA requirement, let us know.

Thanks for looking into this. You said that we would need a  custom code in order to store data encrypted, does this custom code exist, or would it need to be created? If it needs to be created ,does that mean it would fall on me to get it created??

One of your competitiors  has this solution set up and ready to go, but I thought I would check with you guys first.

I know a couple others have added encryption, but it's a very infrequent requests, so we do not have any code examples for it. It would need to be done custom (by you or another developer).

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