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Gutenberg and Formidable


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Will the upcoming Gutenberg editor affect the functioning of Formidable? If so in what way?

Hi David,

Gutenberg is something we're excited about at Formidable - but at the moment we're not sure of the finer details of how it will impact Formidable.

We're currently researching, planning and working on ideas about this, but nothing is yet set in stone.

Whatever impact it does have, we're dedicated to ensuring that it will only make Formidable better. Features may be added, but none will disappear. The user experience will improve, and we will work hard to make everything backwards compatible, so that forms built in 2012 will still work on the latest version of Formidable.

Keep an eye on our blog, social media and newsletters for updates!

Thanks for the info. I expected that you would be working on this but just wanted to make sure.

Yes - its still in the very early stages though.

We're impatient to jump fully into the project, but we're also reluctant to do too much work until we know more of the finer details. If we get ahead of WordPress we may need to re-do all our work when it is officially released!

Ticket closed.

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