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Okay - rather than complain, I'm sending this as a praise.  Generally, the customer service here is amazing - prompt and 95% of the time addresses my issue right away.  Perhaps because the support is so good usually, I've been disappointed with one help desk item which I posted as a private post.  The issue remains outstanding (I think going on almost 2 weeks now) and is clearly a bug.  I'm certain it's not easy to fix every bug, and I can only presume it's being worked on. But my request/suggestion is to give the customer more regular updates.  From where I sit, I have no idea if the problem is fixable (which would be frustrating given that it's fairly important) or how much progress has been made.  The estimated time for a fix I was given was 1 week.  No problem if it takes longer per se... just would be nice to know that it's still being worked on.  If you think I'm being unreasonable, please let me know.  I believe you guys are generally awesome, and I honestly think you charge too little for the product and service you provide.

Thanks for the reminder to get back to you. I responded here:

Thank you.  VERY much appreciated.

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