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Google map field


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I want to suggest adding google map field in forms (native option or addon). I think a lot of people will have use of this (bussines listing, classified ads website).

As a basic functionality users should be able to enter adress in the adress field and marker  to be set on map on that adress and viceversa - users to place the marker on the map and adress field to be filled from that marker.

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This is something I have been messing with, and I have just completed it. It is in rough beta, so need to twiddle and update a bit, but it functions. Does the geocoding from address input, and adds 3 fields in database. LAT, LONG, and ADDRESS details. I will update here once done and tested, but it is done and dusted and working SWEET !

This might work for you 'right out of the box'. I've been using Google Maps v3 Shortcode plugin for about six months on BUT I'd like to have better features with it, like the ability for a mashup and to save favorites from that mashup ala

If anyone can tackle that or wants to work together on development, I might be interested in working on it as a joint project. You can email me here, if interested.


Testing the version I made now .... some features I want are still lacking, but the basics are working now. The demo you can submit on and see the process work.

That's looking great! Let us know when it's done and we'll add it to our third-party list in the knowledge base.

Thanks Stephanie, will do. We are currently using your SUPERB plugin to create some ''elements'' we ant to use in a flexible approach to create any type of ''directory'' listing site. We have made some progress, and will in the next couple of weeks add a number of add ons for formidable. These are all being tested etc. and i will mail you as soon as these are ready for releases.

At the moment we have YouTube submission, Geocoding and a screenshot grabber integrated. Also made some sweet bullet points to be added with Formidable Pro. I will keep adding to the url below, just bear patience as we are going as fast as we can .. :)

If any suggestions or help // guidance please let us know. We like to get involved in active communities :D


I checked all of the plugins, they all look great.  Good job.  Any news on the release?

Time. The site isn't done and we have some more demos etc we are working on. I will speak with my colleague tonight and see if he is ok as well, and we will release the first three. Waiting for an update and upgrade option for screenshot. That will follow.

I will update here tomorrow latest.

Hey again.

Formidable Geocoding : The only ''issue'' we still want to resolve is the latitude and longitude fields on the front end of the form. At the moment, haven't figured out how we can hide the fields from display. So, as per the demo, the fields are visible. Maybe some ideas?
Formidable YouTube : That is working and tested and fine. We will make a download and instruction page over the weekend and get that out as soon as. The demo link :
Formidable Bullets : This adds a WP management section where you can add // control the bullet points and the icons etc. You only have to add the plugin, and drag a single field onto the formidable form. In the backend of WP you can then ''set up'' the points you want to add to he form. Demo Link : The demo might not make that much sense as I am not a copy writer exactly :( but we have integrated this ''output'' into a new short code tab system we are working on. It should make more sense if you check the sample single post where the ''bullets'' were actually used in context. Link :
Formidable ScreenShot. This works perfectly. The API used is from an amazing screenshot machine and we have made contact with the owner to make this into a fully fledged directory engine weapon. :) At the moment you are limited to 100 free images a month. To upgrade and get more, we will try and get an admin panel ''option'' crafted in so that you can manage your account effectively. Demo Link :
Formidable Fetch Meta : We have used this function with some of our other directory based projects very effectively and will by Monday have this as a new add on for Formidable as well. The URL you submit also adds the meta data from that URL to the All In One SEO plugin database fields automated. We have used this extensively wen using databases to populate a directory style site where a link to a website is featured on the site. At the moment there is no demo link yet, but you can still see it function on a PP demo link :

So by next week sometime :) we should be all set for now.


Helo, I'm interested to use Geocode. Can it generate Google map based on existing data and set default country.

I have address and postal code on separate field.

Also, I coouldnt find the link to purchase?

I too am very interested in Geocode.  Madenza, can you please provide an update or a send me a tutorial on how to implement this on my site as you have it implemented on your's?  I am looking for customers to enter an address and then have the database save the lat/lon in the record.  Then I can use Google Maps at a later time to display the location on a map.



Now available as a download

Hi. No download in the link provided. Can you confirm?

This page will be kept updated:

Guess it's still in development. Thanks for prompt reply!!

It is not in development, it is available for download since the beginning of this year.

For various reasons we are moving the site to a different host and waiting for DNS to resolve .

It should be up in 24 hours .

Sorry for trouble


It looks like this is a duplicate thread. Closing this one.

Ticket closed.