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Front End CSV Import


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Is there any way to have a front end CSV import entries into a form?

I want to give people a sample csv file, they can complete and upload and it auto adds the entries.


45 votes +1

No, this isn't a built-in option. Csv import is a back-end feature.

AlexR how did you populate the form using CSV from front end? Did you write a script or how did you go about this?

In case it helps with development, I use iAuditor for IoS and Android to gather data in the field, which I then export as CSV or PDF. It would be wonderful to just upload the CSV to Formidable from the front end.

Up voted. Really useful feature to have for any forms with large amounts of data, users don't want to upload 1000 entries by hand :)

upvote, as stated above forms with large data sets require import.  At the moment users have to submit the data separately.

Upvote - with an added function of Users being able to download CSV files of their own submissions as well.

Upvote - would be useful for me. I want to be able to allow (vetted) users to upload data for a specific purpose. fact, I'd be up for "crowdfunding" this thing. If a dev is able, there are enough interested who would pitch in for the dev time, I'm guessing :)

Absolute Upvote!!!

This is one feature that many of us who deal with large quantities of data require.


Yes I agree you all. This import csv file in the front end is important for me as I have lot of users have need this feature.


Perhaps a button to export the results of a View as seen on the front-end?

As a second choice, improve the Download CSV  for a list of filtered entries so that it only downloads the fields currently shown on screen (i.e., those currently selected in the Screen Options).

+1.  exactly what i'd like to see too.  validation of the uploaded data will be a challenge, you will need staging tables.

Upvote - I have old systems that I need to get data imported from.  I can get CSV files out of them in a standard format and my site is already secured to users only.  I'd love to be able to get the key data from the legacy system into the Formidable tables without having to rely on an administrator to do it.

As part of this function, though - I would want to be able to specify a key value from the import data that would prevent me from getting accidental duplicate entries (in other words, the import function would see that record 12345 was already in the form and would either update that record or ignore it, depending upon what I select for the import settings).

Would be cool to have this be one of the Form Action options that would supply a short code that could then be added to a page that we could control access to and use of.

Formidable Forms ROCK! :-)


I'm voting Yes!

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