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Filter views by current user when entries are created by admin


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Hi.  I have a form where all the entries are created by the admin, but each entry is associated with a different user.  In the form, the admin selects the email of the associated user.  There is also a number field which is also manually entered by the admin.  I need to create a single entry view that totals that number field and is displayed to the current user.  When I filtered with User ID is equal to current_user, it doesn't work because the User ID is admin.  I tried Email is equal to current_user, and that seems like it should work, but didn't.  Can you tell me if I can do this?

Thanks in advance!

Forgot this:  I'm using this shortcode in the view:  [frm-stats id=209 type=total]

It works perfect without the filter.

Hi --

Let's work on the filtering in this ticket.  Could you please open another ticket to work on the total?

To filter a View to show only entries where an email field is equal to the current user's email, you can add  a filter like this:

email field equals [email]

Our system is set up to work easily with the User ID set to the appropriate user.  If at all possible, I'd recommend having the admins select the correct User ID in the User ID field.  You can make the User ID field a Dropdown for admins using this code example:

I recommend the Code Snippets plugin as a place to add the code to your site.  It allows you to keep the functionality, even if you change themes, and it has some nice features.

Laura, this is super helpful.  Thank you so much!

Y'all are doing an amazing job over there.  And with an amazing product.

Have a great day!

Thank you for your wonderful message!

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