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FFP is really improving


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Hey FFPers 🙂

I know we all like to post our problems, but I wanted to take a moment to also say thank you.

Since the Polylang plugin, I have started trying to do projects using FFP instead of feeling I had to hand code things.

Beside the welcome translation feature, I am noticing lots of little improvements across the board with FFP.  I am particularly excited about the "Cascading Lookups" feature.

I want to thank you for and encourage your staff to update documentation, provide examples and possibly create videos for "How Toos".

Thank you also to Jamie for your kind and patient "hand holding" on some things. 🙂

Thank you all for your continued efforts.


Hi John,

Thanks for the praise! It's nice to hear that our users notice the work we're putting into Formidable.

The docs are constantly being updated and improved (slowly, but steadily). We'll revamp the Lookup Fields page once the Lookup field design and functionality is finalized. We want to make sure the new field type is easy to use and good docs can definitely help with that.

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