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Reorder / Sortable rows in repeating section


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Something ACF can do that I wish FFP could do also.

If I have a list of repeating fields in ACF, and I start adding fields, I can using ACF's AJAX abilities, drag and reposition the fields in the list.

Use case example might be creating a list of ToDos and wanting to change their oder for the sake of priority.  There are lots of ways this ability can be very useful.

I would like this set as a feature request and vote it into the queue of things to do.


24 votes +1

I've switched this to a suggestion for others can vote for sortable rows in repeating sections and we can track it. Thanks for the request!

Very good.


I wish I saw more activity on this one.  This is one of the main issues that has me looking seriously at doing forms purely in AFC again.

It's really a hassle that repeating items haver to be deleted and recreated in order to re-order items.

One area I use FFP is for an event system.  I have to completely delete and re-enter items to change their order.  It's really painful for everyone.  ACF does this automagically.

It doesn't look like there has been much demand for this. We're still waiting on this one to see how many others are interested.

I understand that Steph and that it's hard to argue the priority here for your development effort when there aren't the votes to support that.

I think part of what is going on here though also may be that it's hard to demonstrate the value in words.  I think more might be interested if they knew and understood just how useful such a functionality is.

This is my quandary.  Maybe I need to create a simple example in ACF and make a video.

Votes needed.

As well as being a vital functionality for FF to catch up with; I would think this development might allow to delete single repeatable field rows (sub-entry management)?

I imagine this could be a way to finally make a friendly user-assignment section for distribution sections of my forms (e.g. a "To:/Cc:/Bc:" repeater with more control over who is assigned)

A screenshot/gif of the ACF repeatable field management could get us some traction on votes here.

A simple screenshot of the ACF repeat re-order


As much as FFP is a time saver for many projects, when reorder is a requirement, I have to use pure ACF.

In RARE cases I do have this sort of work around, but it's really kludgy.  If each item is added from a pull down list fed from another record, I can delete the item and then re-populate the field(s) into the new order. Frankly, this truly painful to have to do for a user.

Again, the use case is there but we need votes to get the priority established.

I know! Put the top feature requests in a newsletter and then get FFP users to prioritize them from each user's point of view and see where the majority lies? Hmm... a reorder able list again :P

My vote is already cast.


Formidable team,

How far away are we vote wise to getting this on the "ToDo:" list?


Basically it needs to get in the top ten of most highly voted suggestions to get added to our to-do list:

V0te, definitely needed.

+1 bring it on, voters!

I think more would be voting "+1" on this if they saw the referendum and what it means to the user experience.

It seems people sorta' "stumble upon" this thread and if they read it, they get it - how useful such a feature is.

It's up to everyone who wants this to tell others about it.

For my projects I continually have to work in ACF to get this functionality.  I wish this were not the case.

I hope this initiave will gain more support.

I hear ya jmcbade. I'll need sortable lists by early next year and will be in the same boat with ACF's alternative. The reason this feature is so important is because mobile and touch screens are what the majority of people are using now. Any time you have a list, you gotta give the user that easy interactivity to sort lists which could be for many different reasons. Forms are interactive by nature so touching, typing, sliding and sorting are critical now a days.

I'll think of ways to promote it to other users. Hoping we can get this to the first page of suggestions by the end of the year where a lot more people will see it and take it to the top.

I agree that this should really be considered a 'standard' if you have repeatable fields/sections as part of your plugin.  I have been a devoted user of this AWESOME Formidable plugin almost since v1 and I think it has obviously come a long way and improved amazingly over the years!! I agree that voting for new features/improvements is too combersome for users... if you discover a challenge with what you are doing with Formidable you hit these posts and then sometimes find solutions and sometimes you don't and find these vote posts.. but that is reactive, not proactive.  I think it would be HUGE benefit for users and Formidable to move votes to email newetter where they are listed and voted on in emails (no more logging in?!) This will truley allow items to be voted on by all, not just ones that stumble upon votes.  After all who has the time to log-in and check feature votes ? When email will bring vote attention right to users 'inbox' more frequently.  Formidable team LOVE your product, always have and probably always will!  Make it even better and bring your voting system to the forefront... then sky is only the limit for how many people will fall in love witn Formidable, as I have!!

Sorry for looong winded post;)




We would love that too! We've got a newsletter going out today with more information, but this is exactly what we have in mind with the new feedback group. You can opt in at the bottom of your account page.

jmcbade, I'd suggest to add the words sortable and sort to the thread title. I think a lot more people search for those terms. I had to search a few times until I found this after looking for sortables, the term a lot of people associate with drag and drop list items. I think it would get more exposure to hopefully bump it up to the first page.

I wonder why ACF can do it and Formidable can't?

It's just an AJAX feature isn't it?


Please put an explanation of this feature and the use case for in the next newsletter.

I am sure if it was explained in plain view of all there would be no resistance to implementing this ability.


Sorting or moving withing repeatable sections to move a block of a repeat already entered into a form above or below another one would be helpful.

My vote

+1. It should be standard.

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