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Far more than a form builder


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The guys at Formidable Forms describe their product as a "form builder" – which is the understatement of the century.

The forms and their fields are awesome, yes, but the real magic weapons here are the "Views" and their options for interconnectivity. Mix in some of the AddOns, and you'll have Swiss army knife for building any data driven web application one can think of.

To give you just one idea what this machine can do: I even managed to build a fully functional and anonymous private messaging system with completely individualised user interfaces that appear differently depending on who started a dialogue … and I am not even a developer!

So in actual fact, Formidable Forms is an "App builder" – nothing less!

And as the guys at FF are so busy to make it even better*, they have completely forgotten to tell you that explicitly so far, so I felt that it was time to step in …

* Congrats and thanks for releasing 2.01.0 today!


Thanks for the kind words. You are right that we don't broadcast well enough all the awesome things beyond "form building" that Formidable can do. Our home page does say "The most powerful form builder for WordPress and so much more". But we should do a better job at specifying what that means. Let's just say Marketing isn't our strength.

Anyways, we really appreciate hearing you say this, and we are glad to hear you are taking your sites to new levels with Formidable Forms.

Best of luck on your current and future projects.

I have to thank you, Steve – both you and your great team!

And as I have found time by now to inspect your new feature "Lookup Fields", let me just double my praise! :-)


The lookup fields were Jamie's creation, so I'll pass this along to her. They are a pretty awesome field type.

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