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I originally bought Formidable Pro in 2012. It was a great decision and I have used it on dozens of projects. The plugin is so versatile that I have been able to create custom solutions for many of my clients. This has expanded my problem-solving capabilities as well as my confidence. If I run into a snag, I can almost always find useful information in the support forum.

Since Formidable has been such a great tool for me, I decided to go for the Enterprise license, mostly as a way to show my appreciation and thanks for creating such a great product! Of course, I'm looking forward to using some of the new add-ons that bring even more value to FP, but they are like icing on the cake.

Many thanks to Stephanie, Steve and the rest of the team. You live up to your name and your hard work is greatly appreciated!

Steve Rypka


Thanks so much for the kind words. It is easy to get a little bogged down when tackling question after question, problem after problem. A little praise goes a long way in reminding us why we love what we do and why we love helping our users be successful. We really appreciate your support and praise.

Thanks again,
Steve Wells

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