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Enable Filtering by Parent ID for Views of Forms with Repeating Sections


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The limitations to using the frm_stats short code described here: result in the creation of quite a bit of additional work (and code) when you want to provide aggregate data related to a submission. The frm_stats short code is very useful, but this limitation in its functionality is very frustrating.

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Hi --

A parent_id param has been added to the frm-stats shortcode, so you'll be able to filter stats by parent entry id or key.

You should see this in the next release.

That's great news! How will that need to be configured in a detail view that gets dynamically generated?

Thank you!


Hi, Carla --

In a Detail View of the parent entry, you'd add a param like:


to the stat of a child field.  Then the stat would only be for child entries that have that parent's entry id.

Awesome! I look forward to adding this to several of my views.


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