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Email CSV of the entry


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Hi Steph.

Instead of sending a table dump of the entry of a form to a user, do you think you could add  an option to attach a csv of the edited/created entry? This would be very useful for backups as one could later import it straight into the form for a restore....


Thank you.




36 votes +1

This would take a lot more time then I think the benefit would return for now. We'll wait and see if others request it. For one entry you can always add a comma separated list of values at the bottom of your email or something.

OK tnx. I have something else in mind too. I'll open another topic for it to ask for your opinion.

Im interested in this, how much would it cost / donation to get this feature, I want several admins to get a csv for each user form

There are some features that we allow users to sponsor in order to get them developed more quickly, but we only do this for frequently requested features that will benefit a large portion of our user base. We don't feel like this feature is one that would benefit many. We are currently quite busy with development of major features and improvements to the plugin, and we don't have the capacity to develop this customization at this time.

As this suggestion gets more votes, and as major features get completed, we can look into adding this feature into the plugin or at least add it as an add-on. For now, this would need to be developed by a third party if it is needed immediately.

I need a plugin that sends a csv as an attachment - so add me to the list of people wanting this feature.

I am interested as well ! Thanks !

I am also in need of receiving a csv of the form submitted data.



We also need this feature.  At the moment we receive an email with the data in the content but cannot use this.  We then have to login to our site and export the csv to be able to use the data effectively.

Just throwing it out there... Would it help to include a link to the csv in the email rather than attaching the file? This would require login and permission to view back-end entries. This can be added into your email message:

Change 13 to the id of your form

we need this option to send csv to email

CSV Attachment would be nice. Other form plugins have this built in.

Any news on this? We'd also like this to be a thing!

Would like to jump on-board with this. A CSV attachment option is much needed.

I also would like the option to attach a CSV of the entry to a submission email. One more vote here!

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