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Edit a single entry value input


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I've been getting into using your single entry edit feature which is really powerful if used the right way - thanks!

As per normal I'm asking if something extra is possible. At the moment you have to hardcode the value that you want a particular field in a particular entry to change to. Is there any way of providing the form element, or even an entry box for the user to type into so that the value can be set to something dynamic?

For example, if I have a name field I can only currently change it to a name I hardcode into a link, is there a way of having a text box that a user can use to 'edit' their name and click a link to action it.

I'm realising this is a feature request as I type. I suppose ideally the format of the input box would be the same as that of the field in the form, so you're essentially exposing one of the form fields to be edited and saved.




16 votes

This isn't a current option, but would definitely be nice to add. Thanks for adding it for votes.

Voting for this!

Has this been added as an option yet?

a vote from me too!

Hi guys! It looks like this was added a while back, but didn't make it into the docs! You can now use fields="25,26" or exclude_fields="30,31". Here's more detail:

Ticket closed.