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Hi All

I'm sure I've seen somewhere in the support tickets / documentation how to sort my problem, just can't seem to find it!

Is it possible to have a Dynamic Dropdown list more than one field, e.g. clicking gives you... Field 1, Field 2, Field 3 listed in the dropdown.


I have a voyages form. In the form are fields for boat name, date, and skipper etc.

On my second form I have a Dynamic dropdown listing all the boat names. Ideally I'd have the dropdown listing the boat name, date and skipper so I can select the correct entry.

Is this possible????

Thanks so much



Hi, Matt --

We have a code example for showing two pieces of info.  You can adapt it to show three, if you like.

Wow, super quick response! Thanks Laura!!! :-)

If anyone else needs it this is the code I'm using to add three fields into the dynamic dropdown.


// Pull three fields together from the Voyages form and display them together on the major incident form
add_filter('frm_setup_new_fields_vars', 'customise_voyages_dropdown', 25, 2);
function customise_voyages_dropdown( $values, $field ) {
if ( $field->id == 1031 && !empty( $values['options'] ) ){//Replace 125 with the ID of your dynamic field
$temp_values = $values;
$temp_values['form_select'] = 320; //change 30 to the id of the second field you want to show in your dynamic field
$temp_values2['form_select'] = 984; //change 30 to the id of the second field you want to show in your dynamic field
$field2_opts = FrmProDynamicFieldsController::get_independent_options( $temp_values, $field );
$field3_opts = FrmProDynamicFieldsController::get_independent_options( $temp_values2, $field );
foreach ( $values['options'] as $id => $v ) {
$values['options'][ $id ] .= ' '. $field2_opts[ $id ] . ' (' . $field3_opts[ $id ] . ')';
return $values;

Hi, Matt --

My pleasure!  Thanks so much for sharing this helpful code with others!

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Will add it to the tips & tricks. :-)

There wasn't a private checkbox for me when editing but happy for it not to be Private.

Thanks again for the quick and helpful pointer!




Hi, Matt --

Thanks for letting me know about that.   I've made the ticket public.  Thanks again for sharing!

No worries

I've also added it (with better formatting) to the tips & tricks community section.

Ticket closed.