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Duplicate Form Actions


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Hi Steph / Jamie & Co

Love the version 2 🙂

Suggestion. On the Form actions could you add duplicate option to existing actions? Often they are similar with small tweaks. So rather than re creating duplicating and modifying would be great 🙂

Just a thought

Many thanks


16 votes

We like this idea too. It should be an option in the future, we just aren't sure when. Thanks for adding this suggestion.

This is by far my biggest wish! We have to configure an average of six different emails on one single form for each new employee and the each have different reply to fields, etc.. and there is multiple forms. It was save us so much time to duplicate and tweak rather than scrolling up, copying, pasting, and then tweaking.  It would also lessen the chance of errors.

I would like this too!

I would also REALLY love this. Any idea when it might be implemented?

I would also like to see this feature added soon.

Good news! This is included in v3.04. Here's more detail:

yay! very cool! thanks for the update!

Ticket closed.