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Display data as galleries


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I am new to Formidable Pro and I would like to create some galleries based on the data collected through Formidable Pro forms. It seems that NextGen could help me with that but I don't see how to integrate it with Formidable Pro so that it directly uses the photos and related data from the Formidable Pro forms.

What I want to achieve is :

- Users (artists) upload their paintings (each painting consists of an entry gathering the painting name, a photo of the painting, some data regarding the material used, measurements, etc.)

- A gallery is created for each artist gathering a specific set of paintings (based on some filters applied on some fields defined in a formidable pro form) and displaying them as a slideshow or mosaic on an artist page.

- When a visitor clicks on one of the photos from the gallery or slideshow, he is redirected on a page where he can see the data related to that painting (all pulled out from the same formidable form).

I would really appreciate if you could give me some hints on how to proceed to do so.

The more detailed, the better ūüôā

Thank you VERY much in advance !


Crazy I was looking fort he same thing and was about to post about it! I don't need to have NextGen I wouldn't mind using the gallery shortcode. But there is no step by step instructions on how to attach the images to the post so that the gallery shortcode can utilize them to form a gallery, nor is there any documentation on where to implement or put the [gallery] shortcode, any help would be appreciated. There seems to be allot of questions and confusion around this site on how to use and display galleries using uploaded images, and even how to ensure those images are attached to the post


If we could get a step by step article for either NextGen Gallery or the wordpress that would be great:
1. How to set up images so they are attached to each post. (using file upload fields)
2. How and where to put/implement the NextGen or Gallery [gallery] shortcodes.
3. How to display the gallery on each post showing only the images attached to that post.

Hi 360media,

Actually, I found some way out of the dark...

In the settings of the form, go to create post and then you can match fields of your forms to some fields of the post. If you want to automatically set a feature image from an upload file field of your form, you have to create a custom field with a specific name explained here :

Hope that helps ~


If you are creating posts with your form, the uploads will attach to the post if you select them as custom fields in the "create posts" settings tab. Once attached, the [gallery] shortcode will show those files.

Files do not upload into NextGen galleries, but if a gallery exists, you can insert the gallery id into a form field and use that for the NextGen shortcode to display the gallery.

Hopefully this answers your questions.

Ticket closed.