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Dynamic Field sort field and sort order


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Two things I think are needed to make this the best form plugin on the net


For dynamic data,where you Import Data from:


It would be fantastic to have a WHERE field associated to import data from 'Price List' WHERE 'Category' == 'Waitress'

Then show more than one field, ie at the moment you can only show Title.....ideally showing Title and Price would be fantastic  in the display as

Thanks for all of your help to date.

81 votes +1

Definitely! I already had Where options on the list, but not displaying multiple fields in the choices. Good idea.


Here are some of the planned enhancements for Data from Entry field options:

* add option to order data from entries fields
* add where options to data from entries fields (ie only show US states)

* add option to use a GET/POST param (also in drop-down, checkbox, and radio fields)


Add sorting options to the Data from Entries field type.

Data from Entries, at render time, sorts alphanumeric ascending on the selected display field.

I propose the addition of a related "Sort Order" field and ascending/descending sort order options to the Data from Entries field options.

For example:

I have an admin-only Formidable Form called "Source Codes"

This has two fields, Source Code > simple text, Sort Order > simple text

Sample data:
"Web Search", "0010"
"Door Hanger", "0050"
"Clipper Magazine", "0100"
"Other", "9999"

I have another Formidable Form called "Estimate Request"
This has, among others, a "How did you hear about us?" > Data from Entries field referencing the entries in the "Source Codes" Form. I represent this as a dropdown select.

On the field options, I would like the ability to specify a Sort Order field as the render order key.

I would then be able to specify whether this key should be sorted Ascending or Descending.

In my example above, terms would render in order according to the Sort Order field:
Web Search
Door Hanger
Clipper Magazine

The default render order would have been (alphanumerically):
Clipper Magazine
Door Hanger
Web Search

Here's my vote for one of your next planned enhancement mentioned above :

 add option to order data from entries fields

Really looking forward to see that !



+1 Great idea!

I presume this is to give the option to select data from entries in a form but to filter them i.e. show me all entries where forsale=yes so we can use the data from entries more like a data resource. Would be amazing to have this!


I think i need this option more than others.


Hope it will come asap.

Please please please please, I am working of a dream project, formidable has helped me so much with my work and this would really help me achieve the zenith of what im trying to accomplish. I know there are not many votes here, but this feature would really allow this to become amazingly dynamic.




Would love this option also.

Without the ability to filter the "Data from Entries", my wife's site ends up having to have "Class List Spring 2014", "Class List Summer 2014" and then "Class Registration Spring 2014" and "Class Registration Summer 2014" ... Gaaaa ...

She really really needs to just be able to just have "Class Registration" and "Class List", and then provide a parameter to the form to filter out the Spring classes from the Summer classes. This gets further complicated by the inability to just registrations ... now, she'll have to search Spring registrations and Summer registrations trying to find a client.

This is really unwieldy ... this has been requested since 2011 - can we please get direction from you guys. Are you going to implement this, or do we need to start looking at other form plugins?

This isn't in our immediate plans, and custom code can be used to sort differently.

Please start a new topic if you still have questions.

One way this could be implemented is with a custom view. Given that a view can filter and sort, it would be great if that view could be used to populate a dropdown list, especially if it showed the contents of one field, while storing the entry id, so it can be referenced again, later.

Plus one on this if it hasn't been implemented.

Plus one. Sorting is a great idea!


how many votes does it need to get this implemented? :)

Any progress on whether this is going to go ahead please.

This hasn't been started, but we'll keep this topic updated with any news.

I just want to let you know that there is a new field type that is similar to Dynamic fields, but it saves the text value instead of the entry ID. It also includes an "Order" option and you can filter the options by other fields in the form. If you have questions about how to do this, please create a topic in the help desk (I'm working on adding documentation for this also).

Here's more information about Lookup fields:

This looks like an amazing development......can't wait to test it out, thanks Jamie :)

+1.  Being able to sort a view based on lookup fields is nice for data that will never change.  However, being able to sort a view based on a dynamic field would make Formidable so much more powerful.

+1 - Have wanted to be able to do this on many occasions. Are you any closer to making it a reality? (6 years on and still not implemented)

+1 Still hoping for this...

I found myself revisiting this topic this week and I believe that I grasped what Jamie said here about the lookup field being a way to order "dynamic" data.

I made a lookup field in a repeater section and was able to order the data from lookup fields I had previously in my view.

Using a repeater section containing a lookup field, one can manually order each lookup by choosing where they place it. For example, if I know I want to order 6 entries by repeater lookup field, I simply add 6 repeater lookups, and then put the bottom entry in the bottom lookup, and order each entry all the way back up to the top lookup field.

This worked perfectly for me with a little help to get the code right for my view.

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