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customization for login and lost password form


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I am glad to lost password form is added.

But I can see only very basic and weird style forms whether I defined the style using the shortcode.

I would like to customize login and lost password form.

If there are any CSS classes for these, please let me know.

Good morning.

The look & layout of the forms are fully customisable - in the left menu in your WordPress dashboard, in the sub-menu below "Forms" you should see the "Styles" button and in there you can change the colours & font sizes, borders & widths etc etc. Its also worth taking a look at the documentation on layout and styling here which allows you to align fields & setup columns:


Thanks for the answer.

But I mean I don't have any idea just for the styles of login and lost password form.

If I've tried to insert in a page, not a widget, I cannot modify the style.

I cannot say it doesn't have any of my own styles, but it is still needed to customize.

I can see the classes like 'login-username', 'login-password', 'login-remember', 'login-remember' for the login form, and lost password form has normal CSS like other forms.

But I think the style doesn't work yet in lost password form.

So I asked you the CSS classes for this reason.

Anyway, I think the login forms process, through the register, login, change a password and lost a password form, should be more comfortable as a one form if it should be an add-on, considering login and contact form is the most important issue for basic users like me.

Actually, I did never guess I cannot modify the login forms before purchased.

If I knew this, I might use another form although I love formidable pro cause the very high flexibility.

Even though I've decided to use the customized original forms in wp, I would like to turn to your form when you update these.



Can you send me a link to the page with the form on please - and let me know what shortcode you used?

I'm sure we can style it, Formidable is very flexible that way.

Thanks for the answer.

I trust and believe that.

the temporary link:

I inserted the following in this page :

1. Login form

[frm-login label_username="ID" label_password="Password" label_remember="Remember" label_log_in="Login" label_logout="Logout" show_labels="0" username_placeholder="ID" password_placeholder="Password"]

2. Lost Password form

[frm-reset-password class="oneshot"]

This is another weird thing. The lost password form positions the top of the page as you seen.

Thanks for your help.


How would you like to customise the layout?

If you modify your shortcode like this you get the ID and Password fields to line up properly:

[frm-login label_username="" label_password="" label_remember="Remember" label_log_in="Login" label_logout="Logout" show_labels="0" username_placeholder="ID" password_placeholder="Password"]

I think this is not a solution as you know.

There are still no border, font-weight, size, etc.

I don't blame you for missing these functions.

I just you may consider these things for next update.

I can wait for that. That's okay.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Redbulls,

The border, font-weight, size etc are all set via the formidable - styles section. (see attached screenshot)

The login and registration form always use the default formidable style - so if you don't want to affect other forms, just create a new style before you make edits and assign this new, unmodified style to your other forms, and then make changes to the default style to update your login & registration forms.



I guess you don't understand what I asked for.

I didn't ask how I can change the style, but I cannot customize the login and lost password form even if I used my own style.

As you saw the page above, I even did my own style button using CSS.

If the style works as you said, I've not asked.

The result, the add-on of User Registration is useless yet for me.

when if you have any other answer or updates, then let me know, please.

Thank you for your help.


I'm sorry - I don't understand what customisation of the form you want. If you can explain more I will try to help.

I think what you're wanting to do is apply the Formidable styling to the login form - is that correct? If so, you can do this by going into your Formidable Styles and scroll to the bottom. You'll see a class name on the bottom left area of the style. You can add class="your-class-name with_frm_style" in the login form shortcode.

Does that work for you? If you're not sure what to use for your-class-name, can I see a screenshot of the bottom left area of your Formidable Styles?

Thank you for the answer.

It works for lost password form.

You are right. I didn't know about 'frm_style_myownstyle' is the class name.

But it doesn't work enough for login form yet like field size, alignment(cause the label position) and font weight on field label and checkbox.

Also, how can I change the label text in lost password form?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Redbulls,

If you go into the Global settings, and click on registration you can change the text in there - see attached screenshot.


Let me look into the login form styling. That's actually on my to-do list already for the stable 2.0 release.

I'll let you know what I end up doing to make it easier to apply a specific Formidable style.

Thank you for the answer.

That is the answer I just expected, Jamie.

And Nathan, I am sorry I didn't mention 'description' but 'label' in lost password form.

Anyway, thank you for all.

Alright, I just wanted to let you know that a new beta version is available here:
You can use class="formidable_style_name" in the frm-login shortcode now.

Does that work for you?

You can also change the label text for "lost password" with label_lost_password="My label" in the frm-login shortcode.

Thank you for updates!

All styles are good working.

But I don't understand 'label_lost_password="My label"'.

I cannot change the label text with 'label_lost_password="My label"' in the frm-reset-password. and I cannot find any label for lost password in the frm-login.

Did I miss something?




I may not have understood correctly what you were asking before. What text are you wanting to modify? And in which form?

I mean I cannot change the label text in lost password form with label_lost_password="My label".

ex) [frm-reset-password class="frm-mystyle" label_lost_password="My label"]

And I would like to know how I can change the button text in the lost password form.

Thank you always.

Okay, that parameter is lostpass_button for the Lost Password button text and resetpass_button for the Reset Password Button text.

Does that help?

Ticket closed.