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Creating a Username and password for customers?


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I apologize in advance, as I am sure this question has popped up numerous times.  I have tried searching the forums to no avail.  I am trying to figure out how to set up a two step form process.  The first form will ask the user to create a simple account username and password, the second form asks for more detailed info about them.  I have the second form made, but am trying to figure out how to allow the user to create there unique username and password, and allowing them to edit there personal info while logged in.  so in short:

1.  How do I create a user account sign up form?


2. How do I allow them only access to others info only when logged in?


3. My final question, is there a way to make the info become searchable or browsable to other users?

You will need the Registration add-on to set up your first form. Also, an email address is required to register WordPress users, so you will need to add that to the first form. You can use the email address as the username if you would like.

Here is more information on the Registration add-on
Let us know if you have more questions on this.

Oops, missed questions 2 and 3.

You would need to create a custom display to display the information, insert the custom display into a page, then you can then limit that page to logged in users. info on custom displays:

Finally, here is information on creating a search form:

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