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Creating a Personality Quiz


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I am creating a personality quiz and I want to know if this would be possible with Formidable. I have 36 questions for a person to answer, and each question can be answered with a number from 1 to 5 (representing just like me, a little like me, not like me, etc). Is there a way to add up the numbers, then display the personality that received the highest score according to the answers?

I have attached the quiz so you can see what I am doing.




You can do part of this out of the box. You could add a field for each category, and include a calculation in each of those fields to add that values from questions in that category. This would give you the score for each category. Here's more information on using the calculations:

Getting the highest value from this group of fields will be more tricky, and will probably require a bit of custom code. When and where are you wanting the highest category to display? Would it be after they submit the form? Or before they hit submit?

Thanks, I will try out the calculations.

I think it wouldn't matter too much where the highest category showed up. Probably whatever is easiest to do.

Okay, so if you do this after the entry is submitted, you would use custom code similar to this to compare each of the totals for each category.

It will be more advanced than this example since you'll be comparing more than two fields, but that should help.

I created a quiz using the PHP code found on this website:

However, the code stopped working and it is no longer choosing the highest number as the winner at the end. I'm wondering if something changed with the Formidable plugin that does not work with this PHP code anymore? If it will not work, is there an alternative way for us to create this quiz?
Any insight would be appreciated.

Here's our quiz:

Thank you,

Hi Amy,

This ticket is very old. It's best that you open a new ticket in the future. However, your question isn't something we can cover with our support. Your best bet is to contact Michael directly in order to get help with his example. Thanks!

Ticket closed.