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Controlling number of repeatable fields based on another field's value


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I'm creating a registration system which allows a group to register multiple users at once, with the users' names and licensure added in repeating fields. There is also a field for the number of participants. Is there any way I can make the number of repeating fields equal to the value of the number of participants field?

Also, I thought I saw somewhere that this functionality would be baked into the next release. I downloaded Version 2.05.02b1 to a sandbox but I don't see this feature anywhere. Am I missing something or is it not yet in the beta?


This is not a built-in feature. It sounds like what you heard about was the added feature to have a limit set on the number of rows in a repeating field.

Because this isn't a built-in feature, you would need to add custom code for this, which isn't covered by our support. In this case, if you wanted the field for # of participants on the same page as the repeatable section, you would need to add custom Javascript.

If you have two separate pages, one where the user inputs the number of participants, and on the next page the user adds info in the repeating section for each participant, you could use this example:

You would still need to customize that hook so that it changes the number of rows dynamically based on user input rather than a set 10 rows.

Any questions on this?


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