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Combine Entries of two separate forms


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I have two forms (let's call them form A & form B) with over 100 fields each. The client would fill out form A first. Then at a later time complete form B. What would be the most efficient way to combine these two forms into either a third form C or in the second form B.  If combined into form B, is it possible to hide the form A data from the user? Basically, they don't need to see this information since they already completed it.

I have looked at this:

But it would require adding each field individually, correct? Also, I don't see a field which maps the correct form.

Using the embed form is not an option since each form has several repeating sections.

The reason I need these combined is to print out a final PDF of both forms using FormidablePro2PDF.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! TIA!




Hi George,

I'm not familiar with the options in FormidablePro2PDF. Perhaps shortcodes are allowed the same way as a view? If so, you could use this:

Or perhaps if you use a dynamic field to link the two entries, you can use the fields from the other form in your PDF? Either of these options would be better than duplicating all the data.

If neither of those are possible, you can add a hundred hidden fields, or the same type of field set to administrator for the visibility. Then each of those fields would need a default value using the frm-field-value shortcode I linked to above.

HI Steph,

Thanks for your information. I will look into these more carefully.

Regarding the link you sent, I have tried that but what confuses me is I don't see an option to select a form. Or does this not matter. Oh, I think I see. The field_id is unique?

[frm-field-value field_id=x user_id=current]

Not related, I thought I set this ticket to  not be private. Do i need to do something in addition to checking the initial check box?


Yep, exactly.

I've switched this ticket to public. Thanks!

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