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Close the form on a specific date


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I have been using the code from here:



But, I would love it if we could close the form on a specific date, on a per form basis right in the options.

I have been building a Calendar booking form, and it would be great if I could choose what date the form is no longer available.

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It would indeed be great to let the form expire and also assign a custom textual response which the user will see instead when he/she visits the form on the page/post.

I would love this feature too! I have a lot of sign-up forms that have due date and I have to remove the form manually.

+1 - we'd be strongly in favor of this feature, too :)

Great news! This has been added in v3.04. Here's more information:

LIFE CHANGING FEATURE! I mean it! Thank you!

Ticket closed.