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Clarify instructions in Zapier-related post


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In this post regarding Zapier and Formidable, the following suggestion is made - "you use the API add-on and add each item, line-by-line".  Unfortunately, I don't understand what that means.  Can someone explain in more detail?



Hi Rob,

I believe this means that you would have to configure the API add-on to send each field individually, which could involve a lot of setup for a big form - there would be no way to automatically pass all the data in one go.

More details of how the API add-on is used can be found here:

Note The Formidable API is designed for developers, engineers, or anyone else who is comfortable creating custom-coded solutions or integrating with RESTful APIs. If you need help integrating with the Formidable API, take a look at our list of developers who may be able to help you.

Hi Nathaniel,

Thanks for the info.  The part I was confused about was... what does "the API" refer to?  I assumed it was referring to the Zapier API, which confused me because I couldn't see any way of integrating that with a custom solution.  Now I know it is "Formidable API", which honestly, I didn't even know existed :).  I should be all set now.




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