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Can I use get param in shortcode conditionals?


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The following is not working for me:

[if [get param=region2name] not_equal=""] Show something [/if [get param=region2name]]

Is that because it's just not possible to use something other than a field ID or because I'm doing it wrong?

Users can choose up to six regions to compare, But, if they choose less than six, the shortcodes for unchosen regions display the words No Data.

I was hoping to hide the shortcode results if the region name is empty.

The system wouldn't let me put in the code I wanted to put in, or let me edit it, so I'm putting it in here:

[if [get param=region2name] not_equal=""] Show something [/if [get param=region2name]]
(instead of X, i'm using [get param=region2name] - but the system won't let me show that - which probably gives me my answer :-) )


We don't currently have a built-in way to have conditionals with parameters, though it's on our list of things we're planning on doing.

You can use this code example to add a special [if_get_param] shortcode:

Perfect - thanks Laura!

Would the upgrade to Version 3 have broken the function that was enabling us to use parameter conditionals? The pages where we're using the conditionals are all broken now that we updated FF (we went to 3.0.02 from something in the 2.0 range).

I'm not sure if it's the conditionals themselves - all shortcodes on the page are not working...

Hi Jess,

Your new question isn’t quite the same as the original question in this ticket. Can you please open a new ticket instead? This helps our team respond more quickly when we don’t need to review the whole conversation before responding.

Thank you!

Ticket closed.