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Booking for everyone


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After an extensive search I haven't been able to find a way to use WordPress to book events, sessions or other types of slots with the ease, power and flexibility of WordPress (and without a monthly fee!).

This post on the Gravity Forum (linked to on a blog I was reading) says exactly what I think Formidable Pro should do as an add-on:

Here's the basic list of components:


1. View a calendar showing what dates are currently available.

2. Choose a date or range of dates.

3. Pay for that slot.

4. Have those dates immediately become unavailable to others.

5. Receive an email notification.


Hope this becomes an add-on soon as it will help my business and the business of my clients.


97 votes +1

That looks like a great addition. I'll add that to the list and think about the best way to integrate it. In your searching, what was the best solution you found? It would be nice to have a few examples to look at to decide what is nice to include.

The best solution was but it requires signing up for an external service, something I try to limit as much as possible.


I liked this one as well:, no external service and more features, but the UI isn't great. 

This is a great booking/reservation plugin that I have used before:

is there any progress on this? and if so? are the features that are going to be included cover vacation rentals as well? your real estate templates covers a lot except for the booking, avaliability calendar and payment bit


This is still in the plans, but there are a lot of features that we have ranked higher in importance so this feature has not yet been started.

This would still be a realllly useful tmie-saving, money-saving super add-on for all of us one-person shops who do the work and build the website to support it!

The service I found to work best is Bookeo, and I'm placing it in an iframae.  The huge downside is having to manage two databases.  i need my wp users to log-in to my site and any thing done with FP forms (primarily fee-based service purchase and paid appointments) to be linked  to the user files automatically.... and to easily create a form that shows the previous purchases and appointments for the loggged-in user.

Also would need to be able for user to log in, change  existing appointment (free or for a fee)


I think this feature would add a lot of new interest from
people who have not looked at formidable pro yet.

Please implement!
Thx, Tobias

We used wp Booking Calendar, which integrates in Wordpress nicely with great features but has the drawback that it is very poorly translated into english. and costs a lot of money. But to get an overview of a pure wordpress plugins' features for booking this is a good reference.


I Voted also.

Hey Steph!

I have a few clients that could use this feature since they do skype consults.

Hope to see it move up in the queue!


Hi Steph,

I too think this feature would be priceless!

So many different ways it could be implemented!

It could be used to work with any appointments/bookings based business.

Hope it's moving up on your list!




I had success with Appointment Booking Calendar (Developer Version).

You can use Gravity Forms or Formidable Pro to register users, and if you don't want to pay money for the plugin the free version supports PayPal (I paid so I didn't have to use PayPal).

Non registered users can make bookings - just use shortcodes to display a booking calendar.

I happen to know a bit of PHP, so was able to display a different calendar, depending upon whose page was being displayed (you can have multiple calendars), and added code so registered users have their details filled in automatically.

The brilliant thing about the software is the pro version supports timezones, which if you are in one state (or small country) doesn't matter.

'Bookings For Everyone' please.

I want a client intake form that can gather a clients info, choose packages or add-ons, sign a contract, book a date, prompt for payment correlating to package and add-on choices.

I think Formidable can do all of these things excepting booking. Let's make it happen!

Absolutely.  This feature needs to come in ASAP.  I have been wrecking my brain, trying to find a solution to this problem.  Problem with usual booking plugins is that they cannot do what FP does.  Its a shame to  be forced to use ultra basic fields collecting data from prospective clients when we have FP.

Here is what I would like to have:

Collect client data
Do some calculations/modifications on the fly
Let the client decide best suited time slot (within the restrictions I lay down)
Do some more modifications if required
Offer to pay
Form submitted, Custom Post Created - Job Done (and work begins ;)

So Count me in for this one.

PS: Looking back, I see how a simple add on can virtually make FP an all-in-one e-commerce suite for services!!

Another vote for this!


I would love to use for booking rental equipment (shipped and local pickup).

So far the closest full thing I have seen is

This would be nice. I am trying to build this now for my cleaning company.

+1 Would definitely add a lot of value and power to an already awesome plugin.

This add-on will definitely put us over the edge with going with Formidable vs Gravity forms. We LOVE Formidable so far but John's list of basic components are EXACTLY what we're looking for. +10! (Everyone here in our office would love it ;)

For reference for people looking for a booking plugin... (since neither gravity or formidable have added it)

Of the numerous ones I have purchased, this is the one I have found to be all around useful and effective. It is using google calendar. It handles both one off events, and appointment booking on schedules.

Another vote for this feature.  Would add significantly to an already great plug-in.

Will formidable team do anything about this? It is obvius that all people wants this...

Hi Danijela,

The Formidable team aren't sitting back and taking it easy I can assure you - new development and feature additions are progressing faster than ever.

However, there are still other features with a higher priority that we need to get to first. We'd love to see this suggestion become a reality, but it will take time.

I'm not sure how a Booking System with so many service businesses is not a priority.

I had to piece together my booking system for my cleaning company, but would love to have one in formidable.

We know this is not on the top of your list Formidable team. I just thought, i'll add a vote, just in case it helps to put it on top of your list :)

FYI, we're already using Formidable with great success for bookings/appointments/etc. but a dedicated addon has the potential to turn this plugin into something much more attractive to new buyers as well, if you ask me, it'll be a big splash in the WP ecosystem, because the current solutions aren't really helpful, they're either too elementary or too complex and more importantly rigid.

Think upon it, take our inputs if needed, we all will really appreciate it ;-)

I'd be interested in booking solution as well. I haven't found an ideal solution that would make sense in our case as an agency working with freelancers/contractors to provide service onsite and remotely.

Rather than waiting has anybody had success creating one. care to share ?

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